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Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Blog New Tricks?


MAY 1, 2019 – Friends, welcome to Portland Design Pup!  You may have known us under our previous name, Portland Design Events.  We had a wonderful 3 1/2 year run, until one day some jerkwad uploaded a virus onto our website, which ultimately deleted our entire site for 2 weeks and permanently deleted a host of pages and data from the site.  We’ve had better days…

But out of tragedy came a wonderful opportunity.  A clean slate.  A fresh start.  All the projects and features that we had been planning, but unable to implement as we fought with the old site…suddenly they all became possible.  An opportunity to rebrand, refresh, to build a better mousetrap.  So we did.  Welcome to a brand new site with all the old features you love, plus a host of new features we are stoked to share with you.  Let’s go off leash for a quick run around the features of our new site:

Portland Design Pup

Events Calendar

Portland Design Events was centered on our thorough and robust calendar of design events.  That hasn’t changed.  Just as we’ve always done, we proudly promote and share design events from any and all approved individuals and organizations.  No fees, no membership, just a calendar of events open and accessible to all.


Weekly Newsletter

Every Sunday evening, we send an email to our subscribers with information about the week ahead, including:

  • A list of events coming up in the week ahead
  • A short note from yours truly about whatever’s going on in the design world
  • Ongoing event and exhibit details
  • Current volunteer opportunities
  • Current job opportunities

Occasionally, we’ll send a special email mid-week, as well.  We’ll never send more than two emails per week.  Interested?  Click here to subscribe!


Event Submission

We’re good at what we do, but tracking every design event in Portland can be a daunting, if not impossible task.  If you want to make sure your event gets listed, submit it to us directly!  We’ve made it easy for you to submit, and easy for us to approve and publish!  It’s the most reliable way to make sure your event is included on the calendar.

Event listings are always free, and make sure that you get included on our website and in our emails.  For an additional $25, we will “boost” your event – add it to our homepage, feature it in the sidebars and footers of our website, and highlight it on social media, and highlight it in our weekly email the Sunday prior to the event.  Whether free or boosted, you have the option to choose before submitting the form.  Sponsor packages are also available.  Email us for additional information on custom options.


Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for opportunities to get more involved with organizations in the Portland community?  Our Volunteer page has a running list of upcoming and current volunteer opportunities.  Dig in!

If you’re an organization looking to advertise your volunteer opportunities, we have a form just for you to do so!  Send it our way, and we’ll share it with the world.  (Mostly Portland, but technically the world.)


Community Resources

Every Portland design organization.  Every Portland design blog.  All in one place.  A particularly helpful resource for newcomers to Portland!

Portland Design Pup Break Free

Jobs Board

Whether you’re looking for your first job, a career change, or looking to take that next step in your career, our Jobs Board is here for you.  We’re working to build a robust list of current job opportunities that you can rely on when it’s time for change.

Employers – We reach thousands of Portland designers each month through our website, email list, and social media channels.  With an audience comprised of almost exclusively of your target market, combined with our affordable job posting packages, we’re an excellent resource for listing your next opportunity.  Get in touch with us to learn more!


News Feed

We’re proud to launch our news feed, powered by Portland Architecture, Next Portland, and Plan Design Xplore.  With the powers of these three blogs combined, our news feed is a one-stop shop for keeping up with everything going on in the Portland architecture and design community.



Have something to share with the design community, but lacking the platform to do it?  Not anymore.  The Forum is yours to spread the word about your events/activities, connect with friends and colleagues, and even form study groups or sell your study materials!  The Forum is open to all, and we encourage you to read our Terms of Use before diving in!



Occasionally organizations have press releases that we like to share.  Or we have Design Pup original articles that we’d like to share.  Things that don’t quite fit anywhere else.  They live on our blog.


Lecture Series

Portland Design Events was perhaps best known for its popular Lecture Series.  That hasn’t gone away with the transition to Design Pup.  Just a new name, that’s all.  Same great people, same great lectures, all fitting under our mission to offer physical events and online tools, making it easy for members of our community to find and participate in conversations about the impact of design in our everyday lives.  Check out the latest on the series today!


Thanks for being part of our litter.  We’re proud to have you here.  Take a look around, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.



John M. Maternoski
Founder, Portland Design Pup

COVID-19: Due to the impact of Coronavirus on in-person events, we will not be updating this site for the duration of the pandemic. We are continuing to send weekly newsletters, however, with links to upcoming online events.Subscribe!