The Oregon Conservation Center

The Nature Conservancy’s work is best seen in the beautiful, natural places we work to protect and restore, but each day, our efforts in the field are supported by science and strategy from our state headquarters in Southeast Portland. Thanks to the generosity of donors who saw the significant need for more sustainable and functional facilities, we are undertaking a major renovation project on our 40-year old building located at SE 14th and Morrison.

Featuring improved efficiencies, modern technologies and more collaborative spaces, including a large community room addition, the Oregon Conservation Center will open its doors in Spring of 2019. It will be a home for thought leadership, partnerships, and new solutions to address large scale, multifaceted challenges such as reducing greenhouse gas, modernizing fisheries management, advancing collaborative forest restoration and developing innovative approaches to sage grouse habitat protection.

A Space for Collaboration
We believe more is achieved by working together, so in addition to serving as the hub for our work around the state, our many partners in conservation will be able to use the Oregon Conservation Center for meetings and events. This space will inspire action, nurture dialog, engage the community and literally bring more people to the table on behalf of nature.

The measurable impacts of a new headquarters will be immediate. We will see tremendous improvements in energy efficiency and it will change the way we work in Oregon by removing the physical barriers and restraints that currently limit our staff ’s ability to collaborate with one another and the entire conservation community.

Text and cover image courtesy Oregon Conservation Center.

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