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Maybe it’s going fly fishing on the weekend, or perhaps it’s writing a novel. Whatever your second profession is, it’s safe to assume it’s where your true passion and free time intersect.

Beer has been brewed for thousands of years and has been a great unifier for communities of people. Second Profession Brewing Company is an extension of that rich history; to unite the people who dream, who stay up late when they have to get up early, the mothers and fathers going for a run pushing a stroller. To us, this is what beer is all about: It’s the ability to unite people of all backgrounds around a common interest, where dreams and aspirations are shared.

“No one on their deathbed has ever wished they spent more time at the office.”

Second Profession Brewing Company is our embodiment of this ideal. Over the last three years, we have dreamed big, burned the midnight oil, and made our second profession crafting and creating beer that we believe in and that fulfills our passion.

We are so much more than just people who love beer (which we do): We are the culmination of our 10,000 hours of learning—about beer, business, and more importantly, about ourselves. For us, beer is the embodiment of all of our interactions. Ask almost anyone what kind of beer they like and you will likely get a visceral answer in return; it’s a beautiful thing to witness. This is because beer is so much more than something you drink—it’s about people, it’s about culture, it’s about your interaction with everyone around you, it’s about letting go of the bad things in your life if only just for a moment. It’s about the experiences we share with the people we love.

We are so grateful for the people who continue to inspire us to move forward in spite of the inherent challenges presented along the way. We appreciate you from the bottoms of our hearts and the bottoms of our glasses.

Image and text courtesy Second Profession Brewing Company.

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5846 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97213

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