If you are looking for that perfect hideaway to meet that special someone, or write that late term paper, it can be found at Palio Espresso and Dessert House, located in the historic Ladd’s Addition neighborhood in inner SE Portland. 

A variety of provincial pastries, desserts and Portland’s own Stumptown Coffee is featured at Palio.

Whether you are looking for that big bowl of soup on a rainy day, or the finest Key Lime pie in the middle of the summer, it’s found in Portland most beautiful, park-like setting.


Palio’s menu features Pasta Salads, Panini Sandwiches, Vegan Dessert options, Naked Juice, and our House Special Salads.

Palio also has the most distinctive Mexican Mocha made with our special blend of  Cocoa, Cinnamon, and ground Chilies.

Palio’s atmosphere is suited for that small meeting, or conversation for closing that deal; or, maybe sitting in one of Palio’s wingback chairs, knitting or reading the paper in front of the large windows.

Palio’s Delivery Services now is proud to be a Diet to Go Pick Up Location Order freshly prepared meals to be delivered straight to your door or simply pick them up here!

Venue Detail

1996 SE Ladd Ave, Portland, OR 97214

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