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More than 120 years ago, a bootstrapping entrepenuer was knocking on doors with one of the first accounting systems, quill pens included. That individual was the founder of our parent company, Pacific Stationery & Printing Co., Inc. Today, we celebrate over 120 years of serving the businesses of Oregon and SW Washington.

At Pacific Furnishings, we enjoy the stories of our rich history and the 300+ years of collective industry experience our employees share across our firm and with our customers. Among those learnings is a core belief that our legacy results from a forward-thinking, consultative approach. We train our people rigorously and gather new knowledge and tools to support our customers and help our region prosper.


At Pacific Furnishings we are committed to supplying quality products that make work easier, more productive and that build community all while being good corporate citizens. To accomplish this, we keep Human Centered and environmental needs at the core of our product solutions and designs. We believe being a good corporate citizen means grounding our solutions around Human Centered and sustainable choices by minimizing waste, encouraging reuse, developing community for the individual, and creating prosperity for the local community.

Pacific Furnishings will continue to work at fostering a sustainable future; improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the community and businesses as a whole.

This commitment will be good for our business, our environment and the community at large.

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421 Southwest 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204

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