My Financial Girlfriend

January 5, 2015 Lisa Brumm attended a networking event called “Women with Moxie.” Raffle tickets were offered to win a minute at the mike to introduce your work to the audience that night. For those of you who have yet to meet her, Lisa is one lucky lady and often the winner of raffles. She purchased # tickets and soon enough found herself on stage. That night something magical happened as she explained her work to the audience…

“Good Evening Ladies!

My name is Lisa Brumm.

As women we do everything together. We talk about our relationships together, we go shopping together, we go to the bathroom together… but the one thing we don’t do together is talk about our money! Allow we me to be your financial girlfriend, the one you come to and discuss your money issues with.

Unlike other advisors in the industry I believe in welcoming you with a hug, fostering a shame-free safe-zone for us to discuss the various elements of your financials and always have you leaving with a sense of hope and relief. As a non-fee based planner my passion is not product-pushing but rather sparking a sense of financial curiosity in my clients.”

And thus the term “financial girlfriend” was born. The rest is a collage of client experiences, late night brainstorming and daydreaming of transforming the financial industry into a place of relationships, education and strategy.

The MFG Philosophy:
~ Fostering a shame-free zone
~ Non fee-based financial planning
~ Accessible to all incomes levels
~ No selling, just strategizing
~ Relationship driven

Venue Detail

1455 NW Irving Street, Suite 200, Portland, Oregon 97209

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