Lucky Lab Qumiby Beer Hall

Quimby was an old Freightliner warehouse building, where they assembled some of the first aluminium eighteen-wheeler rigs. When we got in here there were no walls at all, just a room big enough to fit multiple long-haul trucks; we even kept the old five-ton crane. We used some of the wood from the old Freightliner office to make the dividing walls; we installed bike parking inside, and we still have those nice garage doors that we can open up in the summer. Don’t miss out on one of the Best Breweries in Portland, Oregon.

Our Quimby location features our traditional pizza, zesty salads, classic deli sandwiches, and hot soups—along with taps pouring beer brewed right behind the bar.

Take your business events or personal parties to the Quimby Lucky Lab—we have a separate room for private events with capacity for 125 people, and seating for 100, with an honest-to-god private bar right in the room.

We opened Quimby, our third Lucky Lab location, in 2006 and things have been chugging upwards ever since.

Venue Detail

1945 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97209

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