Emerick Architects

Emerick Architects is a Portland-based architecture firm that was founded in 2000, by principals Melody and Brian Emerick.

We set up the company with the goal of doing great work in the communities where we live, work and grow. At Emerick Architects, we see things through an Oregon lens. Brian is a 7th generation Oregonian, so local is part of our DNA. Our team of talented architects and designers enjoy walking, biking and running by projects where they have made a proud contribution. These same ethos carry into the partnerships we build with skilled design and construction professionals beyond our walls.

From designing and building Portland’s first LEED Gold home, to being entrusted to restore Portland’s oldest commercial building, we take community and environmental stewardship to heart. We esteem great craftsmanship, believing that an investment in craft is an investment in quality. Preservation, sustainability and artistry are synonymous with our work. Together these ideals help us to energize our communities, protect our resources and enhance our cultural values.

At Emerick Architects, we are passionate about collaboration and feel the building process should be enjoyable. Fun might not be what most architecture firms advertise, but we are not like most architecture firms. We invest a lot of time with our clients, getting to know the project, and more importantly, the people involved. Building can be stressful and intimidating, but we strive to make it easier. As leaders and collaborators, we take our job very seriously — but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.



Image and text courtesy Emerick Architects.

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321 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97204

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