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Volunteer Opportunities

Architects in Schools Call for Volunteers
Gladstone Nature Park

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Portland Design Pup

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Portland Design Organizations

aia portland
asid oregon
asla oregon
Architects Without Borders - Oregon
architecture foundation of oregon
architectural heritage center
CSI Portland
Creative Mornings Portland
design museum portland
Design Week Portland
DoCoMoMo Oregon
ICAA Northwest Chapter
iida oregon
League of Women Designers Portland
Open Architecture Portland
Portland Building Enclosure Council
Positively Portland Walking Tours
restore oregon
SEGD Portland
smps oregon

Portland Design Blogs

Bill Tripp A Drawing A Day
The Drawing Studio
In Search of Portland
Inside Fashion Design
Lost Oregon

Portland-based architect and artist Bill Tripp posts a drawing every day with occasional articles related to drawing.

The blog of Portland artist Phil Sylvester, founder of the independent art school The Drawing Studio, offering drawing and painting classes for adults taught by Phil.

The In Search of Portland podcast devotes each episode to one local building, and then looks at it from different perspectives: past and present, architecture and occupant, and more.

Our belief is that all who live for or have a curiosity for fashion design should have the opportunity to explore it. And so, we open the door to our library of expertise and resources, inviting you in to experience them.

This multi-award winning site documents the disappearing Portland and Oregon of the recent past – through postcards, photos and words.

Next Portland
Patricia Ashleigh
Places for Everyone
Places Over Time
Plan Design Xplore

Next Portland is dedicated to making it easier to discover what’s being built in Portland.

Portland designer Patricia Ashleigh shares her respect for the natural world, passion for sustainable design, and knowledge of responsible design, “determined to better the world, one space at a time.”

A blog by Tim Davis that focuses on characteristics of great–and not so great–places, neighborhoods and cities. “Placemaking, Planning, Parks & People,” primarily in Portland, Oregon!

Places Over Time proposes a shift in ideology, an ideology that real sustainability takes time, that great places are made to last, great places are made of numerous smaller places, and most importantly: no single person can do it all. Places over time achieve greatness.

P-D-X’s mission is to help Portland envision its future in an ethical, sustainable, and context sensitive-manner. It seeks to educate and empower the community to create an urban future that reflects our unique sense of place and identity – it’s not if we grow, it’s how we grow.

Portland Architecture
Portland Modern
Sanslartigue 2
Small Scale City

A blog about design in the Rose City by freelance journalist and critic Brian Libby.

For buyers and sellers of real estate who understand the benefits of considered and well designed space, portlandmodern is an experienced full service real estate brokerage that recognizes good design is an investment requiring time, money and resources. They advocate such an investment should be acknowledged in the market place and included in the value of a property.

“Photography is a magic thing!” wrote Jacques Henri Lartigue, when he was seven years old. David McCarthy has been looking for the “magic thing” ever since he opened his Kodak Brownie when he was seven years old, to see what was inside, and exposed half a roll of film! Sanslartigue 2 is a continuation of David’s original blog, Sanslartigue.

Curating news and offering insight on real estate development, adaptive reuse, preservation projects, and transportation across Portland metro (mostly Eastside to the southern suburbs like Milwaukie.) is an online magazine dedicated to the discussion of contemporary international architecture, art, and design. The site presents articles critiquing new designs and showcasing research on contemporary issues in the design world.

Vintage Portland
Young Architect

A photo blog exploring Portland’s past through historical images. Vintage Portland is a project of the City of Portland Archives and Records Center (PARC).

Portland blogger Michael Riscica shares his passion about architecture and fostering a love of learning. His blog aims to inspire, educate, and assist architects and aspiring architects in their professional journey.