Multidisciplinary Leaders Inspire at “Collective Inquiry”

Multidisciplinary Leaders Inspire at "Collective Inquiry" Blog  Design Pup Lecture Series

PORTLAND, OR – As the cherry blossoms bloomed outside, Portland Design Events proudly launched “Collective Inquiry,”our first lecture event of 2018, featuring award-winning Partner of Philadelphia-based KieranTimberlake, with opening lecture by Allison Bryan of Portland’s Open Studio Collective.

Following the format of our 2017 inaugural event, our 200+ guests entered the sold-out venue welcomed by a social hour featuring appetizers by Turkish Voodough and beverages courtesy of Freeland Spirits and Free Public Wine.  “It feels so welcoming,” one guest mentioned, “that each attendee matters and is personally welcome here,” he said, referring both to the social hour and the copies of Gray Magazine placed in each seat as a gift to every guest.


Multidisciplinary Leaders Inspire at "Collective Inquiry"


Multidisciplinary Leaders Inspire at "Collective Inquiry"

The program began with opening remarks by Portland Design Events Founder John Maternoski, followed by Programs Director Lucas Gray.  Lucas welcomed to the stage Allison Bryan, who gave an inspiring talk about her anti-disciplinary approach to design.  Through her firm, Open Studio Collective, Allison and her team create beautiful work through a variety of media, including architecture, interior, and graphic design.  All the while, they foster relationships with clients and every member of the project team.  “We have to treat each other well and our clients well or we’re not going to do good work. The plumber, the general contractor, you name it: there has to be a good relationship or the work is going to suffer,” Bryan noted.


Multidisciplinary Leaders Inspire at "Collective Inquiry"

Allison’s discussion of anti-disciplinary design offered a terrific segue into the headlining lecture by Billie Faircloth, who spent the evening exploring the question, “what is our agency?”  In her talk, Billie discussed the role of collective intelligence in the firm’s work – searching, exploring, and evolving – illustrated through a series of examples from the firm.  How does a vegetated roof evolve over time?  How does perceived flow correlate with the actual flow of foot traffic in a medical center?  How is a public space actually being used?  Can a firm withstand East Coast summers without air conditioning?


Multidisciplinary Leaders Inspire at "Collective Inquiry"

Faircloth’s hour-long talk inspired, offering a glimpse into a fascinating world of exploration and a multidisciplinary approach to design.  She captured the imagination of the audience, leading to a lively question and answer session where we learned that, in fact, a large Philadelphia firm located in an old warehouse cannot withstand East Coast summers without the aid of a chiller.

For a full read of Faircloth’s lecture, check out the longform article written by Portland Architecture writer and GRAY contributor Brian Libby >>


The Portland Design Events Lecture Series continues in June, when we will be bringing in Michael Ford of the Hip Hop Architecture Camp on June 14th, in proud partnership with the Architecture Foundation of Oregon.


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Multidisciplinary Leaders Inspire at "Collective Inquiry"

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