Host a Budding Architect with Aspect Foundation! (Expired)

Host a Budding Architect this School Year! - Aspect Foundation Volunteer Opportunities

**This volunteer opportunity has expired. Original post continues below:**

The Situation:
Xabier is a 15 year old boy from Spain who is excited about spending the 2019-2020 school year in the United States! He dreams of becoming an architect when he grows up. Xabier enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and biking in summer and skiing in the winter. He also likes playing hockey, swimming and cooking. Xabier’s parents describe him as cheerful, and helpful who “smiles all the time” and has a great relationship with his younger brother and sister. Xabier is a good student with very good grades, who enjoys math and technical drawing.

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The Opportunity:
Xabier needs a host family.

Host families are required to provide three meals a day, some sort of transportation to school (which can be a school bus, a ride with another student or giving them a ride themselves should the high school be on their way to work, for example) and a bed (which can be in a shared room with a host sibling of the same gender and of about the same age or in private room). But most importantly, it’s welcoming the student as a member of the family for whom the same rules, chores and rights apply. Due to legal regulations we are not allowed to compensate the families for hosting. However, host families can claim a $50 tax exemption for each month they host. For all other activities or special food requirements our students bring their own spending money. The students also come fully insured.

The Organization:

Aspect Foundation

Aspect Foundation has been bringing students from all over the world to study in the US since 1985. We also help American students make their dream of studying abroad come true. We are designated by the U.S. Department of State as an exchange program and have a full listing under the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel. Please don’t hesitate to have a look on our website for more details about our program, our students and our host families! Please also feel free to have a look at our blog where we post stories of our current students and host families every week. We work with local representatives in communities all over the United States. These local coordinators undergo annual background checks and certification exams. They help host families through the application and vetting process as well as supervise and mentor the student once s/he is in the US. The students come to the US through our program for a cultural exchange so it’s all about becoming part of an American host family and American high school.

The Timeframe:
Students stay for an entire school year, roughly 10 months. They arrive about a week before the first day of school and leave about a week after the last day of the school year.

How to Apply or Learn More:
Federal regulations prevent Aspect Foundation from sharing any more details about Xabier with the general public.  If you are potentially interested in hosting him, please fill out an inquiry.  Once a family has been screened, they can view Xabier’s full application along with his pictures. In the meantime, they can already read Xabier’s letter on his public profile.

Please don’t hesitate to let Host Family Coordinator Jeremy Hunter know if you or someone in your community has any further questions about hosting Xabier or about the general idea of hosting a foreign exchange student. You can reach him by phone at 800-879-6884 or by email at [email protected]. Aspect Foundation has been promoting cross-cultural engagement through study abroad for 30 years.