Useful Waste – Repurposing Construction Mockups

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“Useful Waste” is a PSU Center for Public Interest Design led initiative that aims to reframe the industry’s view on construction waste and encourage material diversion and reuse. The intent of this initiative is to utilize an overlooked material resource – exterior envelope construction mock-ups – by repurposing the material and responding to pressing social needs, such as the local state of housing emergency. Mock-ups are seen as temporary structures and typically end up in the landfill due to lack of pre-planning and immovability. This initiative facilitates a new process of material diversion within the typical construction schedule and requirements.

By repurposing a mock-up, a project team:

  • diverts material and reduces landfill waste
  • reduces embodied carbon impact from materials
  • assists project sustainable goals (LEED, etc)
  • could receive tax benefits for charitable donations
  • contributes to local community efforts

1 CEU available.

About The Center for Public Interest Design (CPID)

The Center for Public Interest Design (CPID) is a research [+action] center at Portland State University that aims to investigate, promote, and engage in inclusive design practices that address the growing needs of underserved communities worldwid­­e. Through research and design, fieldwork, and public outreach, we promote a mode of practice that is socially conscious, environmentally sustainable, and economically accessible to all.

The CPID was established in 2013 in response to the critical need in underserved communities nationally and in developing nations for design practices that address issues such as inadequate shelter, food and water scarcity, disaster preparedness and recovery, and economic well-being. The work of the CPID builds upon several decades of progressive practice and research in public interest design of the center’s inaugural fellows and founding director, Sergio Palleroni. Based at PSU’s School of Architecture, the CPID fosters opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration among professionals, faculty, students, and community partners in order to advance engaged design practices and the emerging field of public interest design.

The Center for Public Interest Design provides research, design, consulting, and community engagement services to address the persistent challenges facing our most vulnerable communities and ecosystems. Visit our projects page to see examples of the CPID’s ongoing work in Portland and in communities around the world.

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As the voice of Oregon architects, AIA Oregon is the state’s chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), providing over 1,500 members with practice resources, professional continuing education and advocating for sound public policies that support livable, sustainable communities everywhere.

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September 18, 2019 12:00 pm
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