Tour of Carbon12

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Path Architecture is giving another tour of Carbon12!  Please contact [email protected] if you would like to join us.

When: August 1st at 4 pm
Where: 12 NE Fremont Street, Portland OR 97212

We hope to see you soon!

About Carbon12

Carbon12 offers what no other building in the Northwest does: an elevator entrance directly into your home, generous balconies with mountain, city and treetop views, a private entry for owners only, and a mechanized parking valet that stores your car below ground, automatically. The building also features a roof deck with sweeping views for the top floor units, and ground-floor retail spaces to anchor it within the surrounding community.

At 85 feet tall, Carbon12 is the tallest mass timber and cross-laminated timber building in the country. Along with the inherent environmental benefits of wood, Carbon12 is better equipped to handle an earthquake or other natural disaster than any other residential building in the country, thanks to its buckling-restrained brace frame core.

Environmentally Progressive
Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a cutting-edge engineered wood product that is revolutionizing the way the world builds. It’s produced by gluing small beams of wood together — under enormous pressure — in perpendicular layers to create sturdy, stable boards up to a foot thick. Here are some of its benefits:

Unlike concrete and steel, whose production releases massive amounts of harmful carbon, CLT is made from trees which naturally stores carbon in the wood fiber.

It is just as strong as concrete and steel, but 80% lighter.

CLT offers better acoustics, insulation and fire resistance than other conventional materials.

It is made from certified, sustainably-harvested soft wood, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

CLT requires less energy to produce, transport and assemble than other materials.

About Path Architecture

We look for projects that give us the chance to develop, design, and build for the future. Projects that redefine how buildings can help meet the demands of a changing world, including rapid growth in urban populations and the challenges of a warming climate.

From the design decisions we make to the materials we use, we don’t settle for the way things have always been done. We know there’s a smarter way forward—a better way—and we’re here to prove it’s possible.

Cover image courtesy Path Architecture.

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August 1, 2019 4:00 pm
August 1, 2019 5:30 pm


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