Montgomery Street Residences Lecture

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Join the ICAA-NW chapter as we visit renowned high style classical residences in the S.W. Hills of Portland, Oregon, in and around Montgomery Street, for a measured drawing class and sketching tour. The event will be led by Ferguson & Shamamian Principal, and Notre Dame alumnus, Stephen Chrisman, who practices in New York City. Stephen will be providing a lecture on French American architecture, as well as on methods & means of performing measured drawings on Saturday evening before the tour.

The tour will focus on historic period houses from the era of American Beaux Arts Eclecticism. It will begin with a private viewing of the very distinguished and authentic A.J. Lewthwaite house, in the French Renaissance Louis XVI style, designed by Albert Parr & Francis Ward of San Francisco (c. 1926).

Other residences on the tour, to name just a few, will include the prominent Max S. Hirsch residence in the Tudor style by Architect Ellis Lawrence (c. 1922); the elegant Leon Hirsch residence in the Jacobethan style by Architects Sutton & Whitney (c. 1922); the formal William P. Hawley residence in the Colonial style by Architect Ellis Lawrence (c. 1927); the unique Coleman Wheeler English Cottage style residence by Architect A.E. Doyle (c. 1923); and the Frank J. Cobb Tudor-Jacobethan masterpiece by Architect A.E. Doyle (c. 1917).


Saturday, June 22
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Emerick Architects, 321 4th Ave., Suite 200, Portland, OR

Measured Drawing & Tour:
Sunday, June 23
10:30 AM – 3:30 PM
1715 SW Montgomery Drive, Portland, OR


Refreshments will be provided on site and admission is free!


About ICAA-Northwest
The Pacific Northwest regional chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art mission shall endeavor to promote the renewal of interest in classical and traditional architecture, urbanism and their allied arts.

This membership recognizes how classicism and the enduring human values underlying it can inform design and artistic excellence across a broad and relevant spectrum of contexts. Our mission will be to emphasize cultural continuities rather than differences, and reconnect the idea that classicism embodies a universality that is at the same time both profoundly modern and timeless.

This membership also acknowledges classicism as a form of expression of our highest human aspirations. In accordance, we advance these principles so they may become more thoroughly embedded in contemporary life and culture – and linked to ecological awareness – contribute to a holistic view of the environment. This interest is foundational in providing new uses of tradition, a revived culture of building, and the promotion of enduring values of craft, quality and beauty. Creating beautiful buildings and places has propitious socio-economic and political resonance in our civic and natural environments and, indeed, effects the schema of our life experiences.

Finally, this chapter shall provide a forum enabling members to develop and inspire public and professional awareness, advocate positions, connect to other like-minded professionals, participate in exhibitions and discussion groups, become recognized through award programs, and publish as well as teach. These initiatives shall occur at the direction and through the energy and effort of ICAA volunteers and the national board of directors – concomitant to our regional ICAA-NW chapter interests and goals.



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June 22, 2019 5:00 pm
June 22, 2019 6:00 pm


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