IFD Master Workshop – Creating Your Brand Personality

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Your brand has a personality, but how do you create it? Designer and printmaker Belle Bezdicek will take you through a creative workshop to help you define your brand’s characteristics through a series of word webs and short phrases. Learn how to collect visual inspiration to define your brand’s personality by assembling mood boards. Explore concepts using combinations of typography and marks. This workshop will help you create a strong visual start to your brand’s identity through color, textures, symbols, type and more.

For two decades, printmaker, freelance designer and instructor Belle Bezdicek has taught students how to define their personal identities and design their portfolios. She has worked with clients ranging from government agencies to local brewers, helping to create their brands and clarify their messaging. As an artist, she produces limited edition prints and sculptures, which can be found online at Bez & Kin.


About Inside Fashion Design

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Inside Fashion Design is an intimate behind the scenes look into the world of apparel design. As two designers, with a collective forty years in the industry, we’ve had the privilege of working at and being part of the vibrant, innovative, culture of Nike, a little company founded on the principle of design. Later came Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, and others. Throughout we mastered our craft, and upon feeling an entrepreneurial pull, opened our own consulting studio called Creative Capital Design five years ago.

We are a global resource that informs, inspires, empower and connect creative thinkers, makers, and brands.

Given that one of the most joyful aspects of our work is nurturing and mentoring new talent, we went searching for a platform to do this beyond our studio walls. And Inside Fashion Design was born. Our belief is that all who live for or have a curiosity for fashion design should have the opportunity to explore it. And so, we open the door to our library of expertise and resources, inviting you in to experience them. Design workshops, tutorials, trend talks, and exclusive insider interviews. Here you can study the wide array of industry disciplines, including roles you may be unaware of but are integral to making the cogs of a company turn. There are so many possibilities for discovering pleasure in artistic fulfillment.

We aspire to nourish our creative, cerebral selves. We’ll measure our teachings not only by the knowledge imparted but more importantly, by the enthusiasm it generates. Because any spark we can implant in your inquisitive soul may someday be the new heartbeat of the fashion industry.


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May 11, 2019 9:00 am
May 11, 2019 4:00 pm


Inside Fashion Design
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