Energy Trust Net Zero Emerging Leaders Internship Grant

Energy Trust Net Zero Emerging Leaders Internship Grant Blog  Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon’s 2019 Net Zero Emerging Leaders Internship Grant opportunity will provide grant funding to a limited number of selected architecture firms, serving Oregon, in support of such firms’ paid student internships. The grant funds would support internship work that helps the firm meet and track their progress towards tasks related to the firm’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Commitment, including tracking and reporting project activity through AIA’s Design Data Exchange (DDx) platform.


Energy Trust’s goals for the 2019 Net Zero Emerging Leaders Internship Grant funding support include:

  1. Assisting architecture firms in gaining additional insight on the energy performance of their building designs
  2. Enabling architecture firms to establish an AIA 2030 Commitment reporting infrastructure and resources for reporting across a portfolio of projects
  3. Promoting career development opportunities for emerging and future architecture professionals; architecture firm internships can provide students with an understanding of net-zero building design in Oregon as well as real-world experience with the firm’s projects
  4. Encouraging architecture firms to use a diversity, equity, inclusion lens while weighing their intern candidates. For example, some candidates may have had fewer opportunities for career advancement or may represent a demographic that is not proportionally represented amongst professional architects. Using additional criteria in weighting candidates can enable the growth of diverse perspectives, infusing the local architectural industry so that future building designs may more likely meet the needs of all Oregonians
  5. Providing a forum for architecture firms’ Net Zero Emerging Leaders interns to present, to each other and to the broader design community on the results of their internships, at a High-Performance Design Training event hosted by Energy Trust New Buildings


Energy Trust expects to award up to five grants, of up to $6,000 each, to help selected architecture firms with their costs associated with implementing a paid, firm internship that would begin in January 2019 and end in April 2019. To apply, the firm must be located in, and designing buildings in Oregon, and must be an AIA 2030 Commitment signatory or become one by November 2018.


Download the Net Zero Emerging Leaders Internship Application here, or visit


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