Portland Winter Light (non)Festival

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Portland Winter Light (non)Festival

Feb 12, 2021 (12:00 AM) - Feb 13, 2021 (11:59 PM)

This year, you’re part of the art!

Celebrating art in an extraordinary time, the Portland Winter Light (non)Festival is a TRULY decentralized experience. For the first time, there will be no installations along the Eastbank Esplanade or at OMSI; instead, artwork will sparkle throughout the entire city, lighting up all five quadrants like never before.

Planned installations include:

  • Pop-up window installations featuring light-based art
  • Video projections
  • Colorful architectural lighting
  • Online art
  • And beyond​

Because of the radically reimagined format for this year, now more than ever, it’s all about what YOU do!

Here are some ways that your entire household can participate as you visit the citywide art installations:

  • Update your (required) mask with glitter and LEDs
  • Adorn your entire outfit with el-wire, rechargeable glowsticks, and other multi-use illuminated objects
  • Decorate your bicycle for visibility and fashion
  • Umbrellas are allowed (even welcomed!) at the (non)Festival. Illuminate yours for a festive kick
  • Keep your household holiday lights up past December (energy-efficient bulbs on early evening timers preferred)
  • Bring your favorite light-up hula hoops, frisbees, lanterns, and other toys out on your adventure nights​

Our vision is that in February 2021, the entire city is not just watching the art, but we all are part of the art.

Visit the link below for more great costume ideas, or email us your favorite costumes from the past six years. Our favorites will be featured on our Instagram page.

Image courtesy: Victor von Salza

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Portland Winter Light Festival