DEI Educational Event: Systemic Racism

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DEI Educational Event: Systemic Racism

Feb 10, 2021 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

One of the most problematic issues when discussing racism, is that our shared societal narrative about history from our formal K-12 education, is not conclusive, correct or consistent with real events.

Keynote Speaker Teela Foxworth will examine why we must unlearn and relearn the real stories in order to better understand our present situation. This includes why we need to learn about unsung heroes, events that transpired that have created this world where some receive power/privilege at other’s expense.

This event is free to SMPS Oregon members, members from other SMPS Chapters and DMWESB firms. Tickets are $15 for nonmembers and all proceeds will be donated to Taking Ownership PDX, a local non-profit that helps renovate and revive Black-owned homes that have requested their help, with an emphasis on enabling Black homeowners to age in place, generate wealth and simultaneously deter predatory investors and realtors to deflect the gentrification process.

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11:00 AM – Introductions, Welcome and Housekeeping Items
11:10 AM – Taking Ownership PDX Intro with Randal Wyatt
11:15 AM – Keynote speaker Teela Foxworth
12:15 PM – Q&A

Keynote Speaker

Teela Foxworth

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Teela Foxworth is a dedicated member and leader in her community. Foxworth’s career in higher education began in 2010 when she started her teaching at Oregon State. From there, Foxworth has worked at the university and community college level from Corvallis, OR to Seattle, WA, educating over 2,000 students in communication studies (interpersonal, intercultural, mass media, public speaking) as well as racial studies. She currently serves as the Department Chair of Social Sciences and Humanities at Portland Community College’s Southeast campus.

Foxworth wants to continue to be a change agent for a better Portland. Her passion comes from a devoted family background with a deep connection to serving their community in health, safety and education. Her mother is a retired nurse; her father was the second Black police chief of the Portland police bureau; and her brother currently is a Sergeant in Human Trafficking and SWAT officer for the Portland police.

Additional Speakers

Randal Wyatt is a Portland native who grew up in both southeast and northeast where he witnessed gentrification transpire firsthand and is still directly impacted by it. As a biracial Black man he struggled with identity until he discovered his love of hip hop and talent as an emcee and songwriter. He decided to use hip hop as a platform to voice his experiences and world views, gaining quite a following in the Pacific Northwest over the last 16 years. He performs consistently around the Northwest and West coast with his band Speaker Minds and as a solo artist with various DJs.

He learned early that it is not enough to talk about injustices and that he must be active in his community to try and combat these issues. He has organized several programs over the course of 15 years ranging from workshops that teach youth about hip hop culture and giving them access to studios and venues, to coordinating a measure 11 education curriculum and reform/repeal effort. Taking Ownership is his latest project to stabilize the Black community in a city that has historically and continually displaced and ignored their needs. He hopes to be a homeowner in the city he was raised in so he can pass it on to his future generations because he loves Portland and just wants to see Portland love his community back.


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February 10
11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST