Portland CSI: CDT Study Class

Virtual Event

Are you interested in furthering your professional education and providing better services to your clients?
Then get CDT (Construction Documents Technology) certified in the Spring of 2021 with the support of Portland’s CSI. We offer classes with experienced instructors to help you understand the material needed to pass the exam.
CSI professional credentials are evidence of proven knowledge, education, and experience with construction documents and project delivery. Holding a certification demonstrates professional commitment, credibility and reliability to employers, colleagues, and clients.
This ten-class series is useful for anyone in the A/E/C industry who is interested in understanding the process, roles/responsibilities, and project delivery from cradle to grave. This class is also beneficial as an additional resource to the textbook for preparing for the CDT exam. Through CSI’s Certification Program, you can develop a conceptual understanding of the entire construction process and concrete skills you will use in every aspect of your work.
The CDT exam is the foundational course for anyone who works in the built environment. Getting CDT certification means that you understand how a project unfolds from conception to delivery, roles and responsibilities of the project team and all of the contract documentation involved.