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Remembering Jamie Hendrickson

PORTLAND, OR, September 9, 2019 – If you’re even remotely familiar with Portland Design Pup, or our previous brand, Portland Design Events, you’ve no doubt seen your share of Anova sponsor logos – in the sidebars and footer of our website, on our social media, in our newsletter each week, and prominently placed at our […]

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Welcome to Design Pup!

Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Blog New Tricks?   MAY 1, 2019 – Friends, welcome to Portland Design Pup!  You may have known us under our previous name, Portland Design Events.  We had a wonderful 3 1/2 year run, until one day some jerkwad uploaded a virus onto our website, which ultimately deleted […]

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Portland Design Reads to Keep You Warm!

Portland, it’s been a rough winter.  The cold temperatures, ice, and snow have led to the cancellation of countless fantastic design events in our city, a fact that we are well-aware of as we’ve scrambled to keep our calendar up to date (which is no small task!)  SO, if you’re anything like us, you’ve spent your fair share of […]